Field-Tested Travel Tip: Are You Hip Enough for the New Hotel Chains?

With such huge numbers of decisions of lodging brands out there, it's getting harder to follow along. Marriott alone is separated into 30 (!) brands, while Hilton offers a simple 15. It's no longer as simple as saying, "I like Marriott, would it be advisable for me to pick a Fairfield Inn or a Courtyard?" 

A considerable lot of the new brands are intended for a millennial statistic (increasingly "hip" and less hip substitution). What's an explorer beyond 50 years old to do? 

We've remained at a few of these supposed fashionable person boutique lodgings as of late and have discovered that, notwithstanding the advertising, a large number of the visitors on location were in the middle-age through gen X-er companion; we fit right in. 

A typical topic among this more current type of cabin is littler, moderate structured visitor rooms offset with bigger regular regions. The conventional entryway and separate bar arrangement has been supplanted with a multi-reason relax, where waiting over an espresso or brew is energized, regardless of whether with companions or getting up to speed with work utilizing the rapid Internet.

Shade: You'd be pardoned on the off chance that you took a gander at the site for this Hilton chain and thought they were the spot for the sake of entertainment filled cushion battle loaded millennial sleepovers in romper rooms. Luckily, the fact of the matter is more calm.