Nine journey laborers test positive for COVID-19 – process proceeds

Nine journey laborers test positive for COVID-19 – process proceeds

FALMOUTH, Jamaica—Health and Wellness Minister Dr Christopher Tufton has uncovered that nine of the 400 Jamaican team individuals who landed the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Adventure of the Seas up to Friday, have tried positive for the coronavirus. 

The individuals who returned negative outcomes have since been brought together with their families and will self-isolate at home for 14 days, while the others have been set in state-run isolate offices. 

For home isolate, people will be required to agree to have their area geofenced through JamCOVID19 site and to do a video registration times every day. 

Roughly 1,044 Jamaican journey transport laborers showed up at the Falmouth Cruise Ship Port on Tuesday last, under Government's reemergence program. 

A sum of 400 group individuals landed the vessel on Thursday and Friday. 

Under the activity, the team individuals need to follow various conventions, including testing for COVOD-19. 

In the interim, group individuals continued leaving the boat toward the beginning of today—in spite of nasty climate - after a break on Saturday. 

About 244 are required to be prepared today, and authorities are wanting to finish the handling of the 1,044 group individuals by Thursday, route in front of the arranged fourteen day time period. 

On Thursday, Dr Tufton told columnists that the preparing of the principal bunch of Jamaicans from the boat went easily, including that the procedure was finished in front of calendar.